Sing for Tibet 15 December 2017 - -- Tell the world that Tibet is not forgotten

sing for tibet 27.12.17 - the event

8pm Wednesday 27 December 2017
Green Gallery, Srithanu, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Let's sing to tell the people in Tibet that they are not forgotten, and we are with them, and that we are here to do whatever we can to bring an end to their misery.


Performing at the event will be:

  • Lobsang Wangyal (India): acapella singing
  • Kom Thongtan (Thailand): djembe
  • Davido (Italy): hang
  • Shane Clarence (Australia): djembe and quena
  • Conor Doran (Ireland): guitar
  • Leela (Italy): guitar
  • Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Balushi (Oman): guitar
  • Dominique Zuniga (US): acapella singing

Sponsors - TBD!

The director of the event, Lobsang Wangyal, is an experienced producer of events since 2000, mostly in McLeod Ganj India (home of the Dalai Lama).

The Director :)