Sing for Tibet 15 December 2018 New York City - Tell the world that Tibet is not forgotten

sing for tibet 2010 - the event 10.10.10

Sing for Tibet on 10.10.10 is an opportunity to show that you really do care about Tibet. Take this opportunity, and support this campaign to let truth, justice, and peace prevail.

Sing for Tibet anthem: Our Only Home was sung at 1 pm at:
Brussels: Place Jean Rey — Etterbeeksesteenweg and Chausée d'Etterbeek, European Quarter
New York: Union Square — 17th Street between Broadway and Park Ave., Manhattan
We met at Mahatma Gandhi statue

We sang the song three times. Then, after singing, we all shouted "Free Tibet!" three times.

the event

The plan is to bring together a huge gathering of people for the cause of a free Tibet at two venues — in New York City and Brussels — to tell the world that Tibet is not forgotten.

The day 10.10.10 is a Sunday. We are expecting people to start congregating at the venues at 12 noon local time.

At the peak of the gathering, around 1 p.m. local time at the respective places, everybody will sing the theme song, written and composed by Tawo Lobsang Palden, and sung by Riga Tawo of Trinkhor, from Germany.

We would like to make this the loudest song ever sung. Get The mp3 version and lyrics of the song.

It was a peaceful gathering, with each supporter coming with an item that has to do with Tibet, or such as we have created on our merchandise page for the event — a T-shirt, a poster, a cap, etc.

The proceeds from the sale of the merchandise will be used in administrative works. Excess in funds will be used for other similar campaigns in the future.

The director of the event, Lobsang Wangyal, is an experienced producer of events. He has been producing different events since 2000, most of which were produced without outside funding. (His pockets have gotten flat over the years.)

The Director :)

Sing for Tibet 2010: Our Only Home

the song video


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Get the sound file
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Get the lyrics:
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From the director:
Folks, I wish you all very happy singing and hope that it goes well. It may not be big and organised, but it surely will bring joy to all, especially to those who are in Tibet — letting them know that the world does care about Tibet.

I may not be there physically, but I will be there in spirit, and all my good wishes will be there. I tried to get to NYC but the US embassy denied me a visa. The Belgian visa is still being processed. (Exile Tibetans in India travel with Identity Certificate in place of a passport, issued by the Indian government.)

Finally I thank Tawo Lobsang Palden for the song and Tawo Riga for singing the song. My thanks to all the participants in Brussels and NYC for making the event a success, and to all who helped me in so many different ways. My mother Tsering Dolkar and younger brother Namgyal Wangchuk travelled from Vermont to NYC for the event.

— Lobsang Wangyal


1. (World ecology) Come join me all Let us walk together
For a better world As one family

Don't let the devil
Laugh and dance forever
This world is our only home.
2. (Tibet) Don't let me die, I am your brother
For the sake of love And humanity

Cause if I die
The truth will die forever
Don't let the evil play its game.
Refrain: Hand in hand Let us walk
For a brighter future for us all
Side by side We will dream:
Justice will prevail and bring us peace.

Hand in hand Let us walk
For a brighter future for us all
Side by side We will dream:
Justice will prevail in the end.
3. (The world) Don't turn away
When they take your neighbour
Don't sell your soul
For money that drinks blood

Don't deny the justice
You once pledged to keep.
This is your father's legacy.
Refrain: Hand in hand ...

Written and composed by
Tawo Lobsang Palden
Sung by Riga Tawo