Sing for Tibet 15 December 2018 New York City - Tell the world that Tibet is not forgotten

mission statement

Tibet, the roof of the world, began to leak after the communist China occupied it in 1959. The country — people, wild life, environment and natural resources — is suffering. The situation is now threatening to cause untold misery to millions of people if the current trend of ecological destruction is not stopped immediately.

In spring 2008, Tibetans in the whole of Tibet poured out their frustration against the Chinese government without regard for the wrath of the government. As a consequence, over 200 Tibetan protesters were killed in the Chinese military crackdown. The spate of protests signalled the simmering frustrations of the Tibetans under the rule of communist China.

Due to the critical situation, the world took notice of the Tibetan issue then. But with the global economic crisis after the Beijing Olympics, the priorities changed and the focus shifted. The Tibetan issue went to the back seat — and yet Tibetans in Tibet continue to suffer. The situation is such that the very identity of the Tibetan people is endangered. Nobody now notices that the whole of Tibet is being locked down.

We cannot let down the hopes of the Tibetans in Tibet. We need to keep the pressure up with the belief that change can happen. And change can happen only if we act.

We need China to know that we are watching them, and that we won't give up.

Sing for Tibet therefore is an opportunity to show that you really do care. Take this opportunity, and support this campaign to let truth, justice and peace prevail.